What is UN stands for !?. As African I feel so lost ..

Can somebody explain s to to me what is UN stands for if we sees what is happening at Ukraine.

Just take a look to those building, to those houses and then think about the families who have left their spaces for safety of their lives

How about talking about their dreams ,hope and careers. Children and grandchildren. Talking about leaving what is theirs to just a sake of what so called rudeness and reckless think of un experience organization.

Talk about everything is lost. Peace and joy.

What’s a story to tell.. I thought this kind of behavior has finally rest but to them.. I hope someone can help them not only their life but their memories..

I cry with them alot and only God knows how they will end up ..

God bless Ukraine and God bless the Russians too.


You should be greatful of yourself since you got all your body together plus your mindset.

Be Mr/Mrs consistent and have a Midas touch because what ever is in your hands should be completely correct. Good as joy.

Don’t wait to be hired but you can hired your hands for completing your dreams. many of us suffers in hands.

Believe in your hands and your hands can prepare you lot more if only you can make them busy.